Lieu : Louhans (Saône et Loire)

Maîtrise d'ouvrage : Ville de Louhans

Programme : Construction d’une crèche de 40 lits

Coût travaux : 587 000,00 €

Surface : 2410 m2 Su

Mission : Complète + EXE

Année : Livré en 2010

This project is located in the city of Louhans in Burgundy.
The need to modernize equipment for early childhood and growing demand for home have determined the scheduling of a nursery with 40 beds.
Property boundaries are marked by common walls, with fences decorated fences, or walls of low height.
The project tenement is held low to influence others by deus new building, the balance receives a garden in contact with the enclosed courtyard of the kindergarten.
The land is crossing through the provision which creates an effect of traboule.
The volume of the building is simple. The angles of the building are rounded to the exterior and interior concrete canopies, pierced occasionally, the horizontal support of the project and clearly identify pedestrian routes along the street, and parallel to traboule the eastern boundary of the parcel.
In the West, on the playground, the bays are wide open to nature and a courtyard is bounded by a set of blinds hicles also sunscreen. A playground with rounded shapes is created in this garden.
The predominant architectural ambitions is a search for deleting humility. The scale of the project is an important factor in its insertion and in practice that is done, here it is a priority in our research.
In addition, three vegetation zones are created in the grip of the building as a private garden or patio.
The south garden creates a buffer between the chambers of the crib and the street, it creates a mask in terms of traffic and under the direction of South Street.
In eastern boundary along the limited ownership of the planters punctuate traboule covered. Between these and the canopy of the walkway is stretched fine mesh on which the vegetation grow climbing.
Thus the whole site is fenced and has access portals to places in need.

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